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One Step More Next Time…

Thank you for carefully collecting your sunflower shells….

another fantastic idea is throwing them away as well.

Sometimes I’m jealous of librarians who worked 100 years ago; they had their problems, but at least (most I hope) people knew how to behave in public.

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This is my high school best friend, Taylor Detschermitsch. She’s been missing in the Denver area for nearly a week, and her family has no idea where she is. She just disappeared. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of what may have happened.
Please spread this around. Taylor needs to come home as soon as possible. If you’ve seen her anywhere, or you know any piece of information about where she might be, please contact the following people (her parents):
Jesse: 720-331-3342 
Mary: 303-564-0598 
Lakewood police department: 303-987-7111
Or me: 720-276-8169

I grew up with her in the Lakewood/Littleton area, so she may be anywhere in Denver/southwest Colorado. Please, please signal boost this. For Taylor to disappear without a word is not like her at all. Please help…

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Man of My Dreams

In last night’s dream I was on a picnic eating a turkey sandwich with Nick Cannon*.

He was right, the cranberry mayo was a nice touch.

I don’t like mayo…except for tuna sandwiches.

If I could control my dreams, he is not who I would be dreaming about….and we wouldn’t be eating turkey sandwiches.

*How do I know who Nick Cannon is? I’ve seen him on the cover picture with Mariah Carey…apparently their marriage is in trouble.

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Pet Me

Honey Bunny loves a nice morning cuddle.

Things start quietly  and then the gloves, if he wore them, come off.

Step One

I’m going to burrow my head under your hand…and now that your hand is resting on my head you can pet me.

 Step Two

I’m going to tap the back of your hand to get your attention…and now you can pet me.

Step Three

I’m going to head butt you…now that you’re moved your arm you can pet me.

 Step Four

I’m going to smack you (aren’t you glad, someone one, not you, had me declawed?)….now that you’ve moved your hand to push me away you can pet me.

 Step Five

I’m going to wipe my cool moist nose along the back of your arm. Ah, now that I have your attention you can pet me.

 If this doesn’t work….begin again at step one…but with loud I’m-being-tortured howling.

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Kim Kardashian

I’m addicted to the game. 


I’m only saving grace is that I have *not* paid anything to play. No extra anything for me.

I’d stop…but I’m a B List Celebrity.  B List!

When I tell people I “rarely” watch TV I neglect to mention that this is what I’m not…and not working on a cure of cancer.

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The Pickle Party

The idea started with a taste test for different types of pickle chips….I had no idea there were so many different varieties!

Then we added pickles. Pickle dip. Pickle Crispers.

 Pickle Cupcakes.

They are a real thing! I didn’t invent them. It’s true that you can find anything on Google. I was too lazy for the recipe, so I used white cake mix, replaced the water with liquid from the pickle jar and diced small pieces of pickle to add to the batter.

OMG! Pickles should not go into the oven. Three days later and I can finally turn the fan over the stove off.

They look like regular, albeit baked by someone who should not be left unattended in the kitchen, cupcakes.

Do not try this at home. Really. Don’t.

I can’t imagine ever being hungry enough for this to be a good idea.

Hopefully next month’s Lemon will be a better fit…or someone can make dessert.

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Designated Driver

At the grocery store this morning, I saw a car with four older (Ok, they looked very very old) women, leaving. The driver narrowly missed the cart corral and went over the curb before heading towards the street in the middle of the lane.

I’ve been thinking about them for a few hours now.

If she is the “Chauffer” for the others, does this mean that she’s the best driver? What are the driving skills of the other three?” Best case scenario she was the only person who’d pass the breathalyser and she doesn’t normally do the driving. Worst case scenario she is the *best* driver.

And my sister wonders why I never park close to the entrance when I go shopping.

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The Patron Saint of Technology…and Assistant

I hope that the Patron Saint of Technology has an assistant. Maybe it’s a new career for Mr Steve Jobs? Someone has to be saving cell phones….for every cell phone that falls into the toilet there are hundreds that hit the floor.

 I think this is what the small travel packs of Lysol wipes are for…if there are people out there who are picking their phone off a bathroom floor (especially public!) and then pressing it again their *face* they are braver than I am! Or crazy.

 My phone hit the floor this morning…thankfully in the staff washroom. My sigh of relief probably felt like a small breeze would have blown down the house of straw *and* sticks at the same time.

 There has to be a market out there for cell phone chains! If motorcycle club (gang?) members know that you can’t just put your wallet in your pocket without securing it, there should be a parallel for phones. Oh, a Christmas present idea! I’ve always wanted to be a “Finished my Christmas present shopping *before* Dec 23rd” type of person and this could be the first step towards that!

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Santa and Supervisor

I’m tired of being ignored when I keep requesting a laptop.

Santa hasn’t answered any of my letters.

My supervisor hasn’t replied to any of my emails.

It’s time to try a different path.

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Ideal Protein  - the Official Weigh In

When I weigh myself at home, it’s first thing in the morning (dehydrated and empty stomach) and naked.

Neither of those are realistic options for the Ideal Protein weigh in….but I don’t care where I am I am *not* getting weighed wearing shoes.

I step on the scale.

Coach: Are you going to wear those?

<I look down and see that I’ve already taken off my flip flops>

Coach: Those…

<I see that she’s pointing at my head.>

Coach: Your earrings.


Me: It’s easier to keep them on. I was wearing them for my initial weigh-in.

Coach: Hmmmm

I’m not sure what she’s writing,  but I see that it’s 3 paragraphs.

Earrings? Really? I’m not trying to make a weigh category in high school wrestling. My earrings are beautiful, but not about to make any huge difference in my weight.

I don’t want to be difficult, so when she asks I *do* take off my watch.

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Hello My Name is..

I’m getting ready to issue a woman a new library card…and I notice her name on her driver’s licence.

Me: My name is Vanessa too!

Her: Really?

<I’d like to think there are better things to lie about, especially because I’m wearing city issued photo ID that shows my picture and name. I show her my ID.>

Her: Sweet! I haven’t bumped into another Vanessa in years!

Me: Me too! High Five Vanessa!

<We high five, it seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the moment. My co-worker is looking at me like I’ve lost touch with reality.>

Me: My co-worker is Jennifer.

The other Vanessa: Hmmmm. I’m not surprised.

 After the other Vanessa leaves I have to explain to Jen, what has just happened.

When you rarely meet someone with your name it’s a pretty cool moment…when you have one of the most common names for a generation you don’t have the same experience.