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I love reading...and i'm not just satying that!

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Are Cats Psychic?

It’s as if he *knows* I am getting ready to put his carrier away and finally (finally!) recycle the printer box that was a gift from his “uncle”.

So it looks like his forts (he sleeps in both) are staying for a little longer.

Little does he know I’m about to make an appointment for his yearly vet visit!

Poor Honey Bunny.

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Who’s Feet Are These?

I wish I had thought to include scale….these are a (mostly) straight line across the parking lot next to my apartment, across the street and still going.

It almost makes up for snow in SPRING. Almost.

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Australian cast of The Lion King sings on a plane.  Because actors are nerds no matter where they are.

Are tears what you wanted because that was fucking beautiful.

Gawd I need to move to australia! Thank you air canada and united for screaming babies and asshats who won’t turn off their cell phones.

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Online Training

I’m very proactive about online training that comes from our training department. I’m all over it.

I want to learn.

I understand, in ways that my co-workers don’t seem to, that it won’t get any less boring tomorrow and being nagged about doing it won’t make it more fun.

So I’m gonna let that training video run without me  while I go get a drink out of the fridge in the staff room. Hopefully the painful part (all of it?) will be over when I get back.

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The Tomato Plant That Could

It’s been looking pitiful for several weeks now. Which is fair…tomatoes are not a year round plant and I’m sure the soil (despite my efforts to fertilize) is drained dry of nutrients.

Instead of dying it’s making tomatoes…and doing a better job of it than in the summer.

This is green tomato number 2. I’m not sure if the other one is ever going to ripen, but they are pretty cute to look at.

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Random Candy

I got my watch battery changed….and this was sitting on the counter.

Candy and a small box to put the wrappers.

I love rockets. I wish Halloween came twice a year.

I held in my “trick or treat”. Barely.

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A “REAL” Library Book

Hell yeah I’m taking a bar code, spine label and security strip home for her.

This is for her author photo on the back cover. 

When I suggested we comb her hair and fix her ponytail (yes, there is one back there) she added the headband.

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Post-Scale Weight Loss Books

At any given time I have at least 100 books on hold. 10-20% of my holds are diet/weight loss/exercise related.

 I suspend holds, and then they unsuspend and start arriving in waves.

 Without a scale, I don’t know what to do with my most recent books….lose X amount of weight in Y amount of time doesn’t work without a scale. So I check out, and return, the3 books that have arrived and cancel my old on 18 other titles. EIGHTEEN. And these are just the books that sounded interesting to me.

 I need to search for some new, no numbers attached, weight loss books.

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The Other Food Groups

Today I am saying good-bye to the established 4 food groups and going to the PMS food groups…

  1. Crunchy/salty
  2. Carbonated
  3. Cookies
  4. Candy

I’ll try the fruits-vegetables things tomorrow when I’m feeling human and less evil-super heroine.