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When my co-worker tells me about it, my first thought is “YES! More free books.”

Unfortunately, this appears to be “free” I. The same line as free kittens or free samples at Costco…you end up spending more money that you expected on something you didn’t know you wanted. A close cousin to this is eating food you didn’t want until seeing it under the hear lamps at a buffet.

NetGalley Free Books: 2

Books I didn’t know I needed from authors I had never heard of: 5

Financially, I’d be better off avoiding “free” books, but I can’t. Must have more books. More books.

I miss the old days before impulse shopping when you had to wait until the store was open, shower (hopefully) and dress and go get it. This buying I’m pjs in bed in middle of the night is going to ruin me financially. That and a years supply of dishwasher soap.

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Costco Samples

I’m constantly amazed at the people swarming the costco sample person. To be at Costco demonstrates that a person has enough money to PAY a store to spend money and you have cash (or cash in bank account) to buy large quantities of things.

The man at the end of the frozen food isle is alone. I have never seen this!

When I get to him I see why. I bit inside of my lip. I cleared my throat. I laughed. And laughed some more. It was rude, but I couldn’t help myself.

Broccoli? I can only imagine how many people approached him happy and excited and wandered away with shoulders slumped in dejection.

This has to be the only lonely job on a weekend in Costco.

I’m not sure if his supervisors love or hate him.

I wish him lucky and move on.

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Unusual Activity

I got a call about my MasterCard to find check my unusual activity. Huh? I check my account online and found myself in a WTF situation. Immediately called back to say “YES! Thank you for noticing I did NOT make any of those purchases” sadly it appears that my paypal account has been compromised. They cancel my card and let me know that I will receive a replacement in 7-10 business days.

I pull out my emergency use* Visa. I’ve barely finished downloading my books, when I get a phone call. They have noticed my unusual activity. Huh? We’ll, I guess this does count as unusual activity since I haven’t used the card since it arrived in my mail in MARCH 2013.

Gawd, if I hadnt answered the phone would I have gone from 2 credit cards on Thursday to 0 on Saturday?

I’m glad that they have my back, which is why I rarely use debit…I’m not sure they’d have the same level of interest I’d I’m using my own money.

*Yes, buying books online is NOT a legitimate “emergency” to most of the world, my fellow librarians understand that emergency is decided on a case by case situation when it comes to books.

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It’s a Loooooooong Wait

Of course, there will be a wait list for new/popular titles. But this is past wait list and into by-the-time-you-get-this-you-won’t-remember-why.

When I worked at Santa Cruz Public Libraries, a list was generated every week with an update of which titles had a holds-copy ratio of more than 6-1. Granted, the wait often got larger than that for books on order or John Grishm/Nora Roberts/et al.

I’m not sure if we have a ratio here, but I hope this isn’t it if we do.

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Car Charger

I have an iPad mini and an iPhone, which means I have a charger at home and one at work.  Last night I charged the iPad…I should have charged the iPhone.

When I woke up this morning the battery on the phone was low. Enough to turn it on, but not enough to listen to my Freegal collection and be *positive* that the battery wouldn’t die before I got to work.

When I got into the car I plugged the phone into the charger. Nothing. I unplugged and replugged it in…the charger and the phone. Now I’m pouting ‘cause I can’t waste the battery in case I need to use the phone. I’m mad at my sister for convincing me I don’t need and official apple car charger*. I sit there and pout.

I have a light bulb moment!

The car charger works best AFTER you turn the car on.

My phone charges *and* I get to listen to music. After a rough start the morning gets easier and I haven’t even left home.

*I think the official apple car charger might charge faster, but I don’t know for sure and I don’t care enough to buy one to check.

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Reblogging fat Olympic athletes as self care.

If you wouldn’t post someone like Holley to your #fitspo blog, then it’s obvious that you care about aesthetics more than actual fitness.

Fat does not equal unhealthy.

She had an awesome True Life episode as well. She was a varsity football player in high school!

People can talk all the smack that they want and it doesn’t change the fact that she could pick you up over her head and throw you down on the ground so hard you bounce…and probably with one hand.

I want my nieces to be her when they grow up. 

Except for the hair…it would take untold amounts of chemical and several professionals, every day, to get their hair that straight. Assuming it’s even possible.

(Source: creativeconflagration, via eviloverlibrarian)

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Dead Pens

I see my co-worker sitting at the information desk pull a pen out of the drawer.  She draws about 20 circles, shakes the pen and draws 20 more.  She puts it back in the drawer.  The minute she lets go of the drawer  I open it and throw it out.

She looks at me and I look at her…the only thing missing is the whistling noise that you hear in westerns right before the cowboys draw  their guns for the shootout.

Round One.

I would like to say that was it, but the process continues for pens 2 and 3.

It’s a relief when pen 4 works.

When she goes for her break I’m going to check the other pens in the drawer.

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I might lose my best-aunt-in-the-world title over this….”glittery putty”  + aunt in bathroom = unauthorized haircut

I might lose my best-aunt-in-the-world title over this….”glittery putty” + aunt in bathroom = unauthorized haircut

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Eating Habits

I’m constantly fascinated by the difference in eating habits between  my nieces.

My sister and I are sitting at the kitchen table and she is (attempting to) making Honey Bunny a catnip toy. Yes, the picture from Pinterest is cute, but the instructions also included a SEWING MACHINE.

My nieces drift in to see what we’re doing.

Big Sister – I don’t like that.

Me – It’s not for you; your Mom is making a treat for Honey Bunny. It’s not food.

Big Sister – I still don’t like that.

 Little Sister– Can I have a bite?

<Apparently, while mentally sizing out her portion, she hasn’t heard a word I said.>

Me – It’s not for you;  your Mom is making a treat for Honey Bunny. It’s not food.

Little Sister –Oh…does that mean no?

Me – Yes. We only eat things that are food.

Big Sister to Little Sister – You can have mine; I don’t like it.

The “It’s not food.” angle doesn’t appear to be working.

Me – It’s a present for Honey Bunny and not for either of you to eat. Would anyone like some watermelon?

Little Sister – YEAH!

Big Sister – I don’t like that.

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Full Head

I’m at the salon getting a “full head” of color; I’m hiding the white and covering the “cool” (actually weird) highlights I got for the half-marathon.

On either side of me are blonds (chemically created) getting a “full head” of touch up highlights. The woman on the right looks great; the woman on the left let her roots grow in longer than I would mine.

My head is covered in dye and the clock ticking down. I’m not sure when each of them started but neither are half done yet.

I say I don’t get highlights because thy are too expensive. True, but really I don’t have the patience or interest in having my head surrounded by foil and *then* wait for the dye to set.

There so much about the price of beauty, what goes ignored is the time for beauty. Yup, I want to spend as little time as possible, on a Sunday, in here.

This is why I leave with wet hair.

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Co-worker: Is that your breakfast?

Me: Yes.

<Yes, a diet coke with lime and an orange is not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.>

Co-worker: Won’t you get hungry later?

Me: Yes.

 This is a conversation that leaves us both feeling slightly confused.

Co-worker: Why eat that for breakfast if you know you’re going to be hungry later??

 Me: Yes, I *am* going to get hungry again later today….this is one of the things that separate people from pythons and other scary snakes that swallow rodents whole.  Eating more than once a day. Yes, I have crossed breakfast off my to-do list….but I’ve already penciled in “lunch” so I’ve got it covered.

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Running Style

I am a textbook “Heel Strike”. There are days when I expect to look behind me a see a trail of heel prints in my wake. I rotate between two pairs of shoes, so that each pair (I have them divided into Even and Odd) has a day to recover.

The man beside was not.

I couldn’t hear a single step over the buzz of the treadmill.

He could run across a field of bubble-wrap….without popping anything.

I wanted to stare, but if I look away from in front of me for longer than 5 seconds I’m going to fall off my machine.

I’m not sure how he was doing it, but a chi running DVD is going to be in my future.